Endeavor Student Book 8 (2858)

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ISBN: 9781564208583
Item#: 2858
Series: Endeavor - Reading and Writing for Adults
Publisher: New Readers Press
Type: Student Book
Reading Level: 8
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Series Description

Endeavor is a research-based reading series designed specifically for adult learners. This easy-to-use program builds reading and writing skills with emphasis on fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Endeavor 3 begins where the Voyager Series Level 3 leaves off. Reading passages in Endeavor are longer and more complex. Students will gain confidence as they tackle more difficult reading at a comfortable level. Endeavor lessons follow a pattern very similar to Voyager lessons.

Every level centers on 10 themes important to adults: Health, Work, Family, Community, School & Education, Civics & Government, Sports & Recreation, Housing & Transportation, Food, and Consumerism & Money.


Suitable for open-entry, open-exit programs. Lessons are easy to follow, non-sequential, and easily adaptable
Lesson themes are consistent across all levels, so teachers can focus on a particular theme while differentiating instruction to meet students' needs in multi-level classrooms
Builds skills and competencies in vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing
Lesson openers inlcude objectives and key vocabulary to stimulate interest
Motivational pre-reading activities and mid-reading questions keep students engaged
Special vocabulary in reading passage is defined at point of instruction
Reading comprehension, vocaublary building, and writing exercises follow the reading
Writing process instruction includes using graphic organizers

Teacher Support


Comprehensive Teacher's Guides are available at each level, and include:

Lesson plans with pre-teaching activities, lesson notes, and extension activities
Special section on building fluency
Reproducible mini-lessons
Reproducible Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Chart, Writing Rubric, and Revising & Editing Checklist

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