Student Success Handbook (2421)

Code: 9781564204219

ISBN: 9781564204219
Publisher: New Readers Press
Published: 2008
Category: Reference
Reading Level: Intermediate
Page count: 46






The Student Success Handbook is a concise, easy-to-use reference books which offers practical startegies for developing effective study habits - thereby putting students on a path to success. Sample units and lesson topics include:

Study Strategies: Setting priorities, choosing where to study, learning how to study...
Note-Taking Strategies: Preparing to take notes, using abbreviations, recording important points...
Reading Strategies: For before and after reading, summarizing, mapping concepts...
Test-Taking Strategies: Planning ahead and preparing for a test, coping with stress, writing essays...

This handbook makes an ideal companion for students - especially those in GED and college transition programs.  

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