Collins EAP: Numbers (AP15)

Code: 9780007507153

Author: Louis Rogers, Dawn Willoughby
ISBN: 9780007507153
Item#: AP15
Publisher: Collins
Published: 2013
Series: Collins EAP - Academic Skills Series
Type: Paperback
Level: Advanced / CEF B2+ / IELTS 5.5+
Pages: 191





Winner of the 2014 Innovation in Learner Resources Award, the Collins Academic Skills Series is a six-book series that supports international students of all academic subjects with study skills and English language practice. It helps students step up their performance from IELTS/TOEFL-level to academic success. Each book focuses on one specific skill required at university. Information on academic expectations and practical exercises helps students understand what is required in the academic world. Chapters include tips and summaries for easy reference.

Numbers: Data and Statistics for the non-specialist: Many university degrees require you to understand numbers and present them as part of your work. This book gives you the skills you need to make sense of data and numbers and the confidence to use them effectively in your studies. Learn to interpret statistics and data, conduct surveys, evaluation and question results and present numerical information clearly.  The book includes:

Clear information and practical exercises
Information on academic expectations  - understand the requirements of studying at university
Helpful tips and summaries
Answer key and glossary

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