Challenger 1 - 2nd Edition (2568)

Code: 9781564205661

ISBN: 9781564205661
Author: Corea Murphy
Publisher: New Readers Press
Category: Reading & Writing 
Series: Challenger Adult Reading Series
Reading Level: Approx. Grade 1-2 
Type: Paperback

Challenger 1 Sample Pages




Series Description

Challenger is a controlled-vocabulary eight-level series specifically designed to guide students from the beginning stages of reading to the critical reading, writing and reasoning skills needed for the pre-GED/GED level.

New features in the 2nd edition:

Updated storylines and new literature - both original and classic fiction
Informational articles featuring current topics such as Earth Day, hybrid cars, cell phones, internet dating, cloning, multiple births, diverse families, global warming and Barack Obama
Updated artwork to help students undertand relate to characters, stories and articles
Companion writing books 

Challenger helps students builds a variety of critical reading and writing skills:

Word Analysis skill include phonics, word families, and prefixes and suffixes
Reading Comprehension skills include main idea and detail, making inferences, cause and effect, and literacy interpretation
Controlled Vocabulary is developed through fiction, non-fiction, and literary reading selections based on topics and themes that interest adults
Writing Mechanics and Composition skills are developed in each lesson, with more practice included in the companion writing books 

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