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  • Challenger Writing 8 (2907)

    Code: 9781564209076
  • Journey to Success

    Code: JS
    Adult learners will build their reading, writing, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills while reading content important to today's students as they begin their own journey to success.
  • Challenger Writing 7 (2906)

    Code: 9781564209061
  • Challenger Adult Reading Series

    Code: CHALL
    Challenger is an eight-level integrated series that develops reading, writing, and reasoning skills through high-interest fiction and nonfiction stories relevant to today's adults.
  • Challenger Writing 6 (2905)

    Code: 9781564209054
  • Laubach Way to Reading

    Code: LWR
    The Laubach Way to Reading series is a four-level, time-tested method that has taught millions of adults to read. It is ideal for adult learners who have little or no reading skills and require a uniform, step-by-step approach to reading.
  • Challenger Writing 5 (2904)

    Code: 9781564209047
  • Cutting Edge

    Code: CE
    This is a series for those who find conventional fiction irrelevant or too hard to read. The series takes an honest and hard-hitting approach to subject matter that many teens will identify with, such as self-abuse, family breakdown, suicide, and sexuality. At 25,000 to 35,000 words, the books are shorter than your average novel, but they don’t look like it. The clear, carefully chosen font is slightly larger than normal, and paragraphs are broken with a space.
  • Challenger Writing 4 (2903)

    Code: 9781564209030
  • Challenger Writing 3 (2902)

    Code: 9781564209023
  • Challenger Writing 2 (2901)

    Code: 9781564209016
  • Challenger Writing 1 (2900)

    Code: 9781564209009
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