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  • Gemma Open Door Series

    Code: ODS
    Inspired by the Irish series designed for adult literacy, Gemma Open Door books are fresh stories from best-selling and important new voices—essential resources for young people and adults as they embrace the power of reading and the written word.
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  • Rapid Reads Fiction

    Code: RRF
    In our increasingly fast-paced world we believe there is a need for well-written, well-told books that can be read in one sitting. Rapid Reads are short books for adult readers. They are intended for a diverse audience, including ESL students, reluctant readers, adults who struggle with literacy and anyone who wants a high-interest quick read.
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  • The Heights

    Code: TH
    These traditional reads are brimming with spirited characters and positive values—but with a little extra excitement and bite, so hold on to your hats! Written expressly for the middle grade struggling reader, the series does not contain strong language, edgy themes, or dysfunctional families.
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  • Oxford Bookworms Fiction

    Code: OBWF
    These graded leveled readers have a wide variety or titles to choose from that will both engage your learners and provide them with reading practice at a level appropriate to them.
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  • Urban Underground

    Code: UU
    The Urban Underground series confronts issues that are of great importance to teens, such as friendship, loyalty, drugs, gangs, abuse, urban blight, bullies, and self-esteem to name a few. More than entertainment, these books can be a powerful learning and coping tool when a struggling reader connects with credible characters and a compelling storyline. The highly readable style and mature topics will appeal to young adult readers of both sexes and encourage them to finish each novel.
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  • Cutting Edge

    Code: CE
    This is a series for those who find conventional fiction irrelevant or too hard to read. The series takes an honest and hard-hitting approach to subject matter that many teens will identify with, such as self-abuse, family breakdown, suicide, and sexuality. At 25,000 to 35,000 words, the books are shorter than your average novel, but they don’t look like it. The clear, carefully chosen font is slightly larger than normal, and paragraphs are broken with a space.
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