Collins Readers: Amazing Scientists (CB303)

Code: 9780007545100

Publisher: Collins
Published: 2014
Series: Collins Amazing People Readers
Type: Paperback
Category: Non-Fiction
Pages: 96
Reading Level: CEFR B1, 11,000-15,000 words, approx 1200 headwords




Series Synopsis

In the Amazing People Readers series, significant people in history tell their story in their own words. This unique approach to storytelling creates an engaging first person narrative, ideal for use in the classrom. Each title contains 5 or 6 short stories, each featuring a different historical character, as well as useful timelines that are perfect tools for revision and checking comprehension, as well as extra activities.

Free online resources include vdeos, a level test, student and classroom activities, as well as ideas for further project work.

Characters featured in this book include:

Antoine Lavoisier
Humphry Davy
Gregor Mendel
Louis Pasteur
Charles Darwin
Francis Crick

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