Alia's Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq (D203)

Code: 9780375857638

Author: Mark Alan Stamaty 
ISBN: 9780375857638
Item# : D203
Publisher: Dragonfly Books 
Published: 2010
Category: Graphic Novels
Type: Paperback
# of Pages: 32





Alia's Mission is based on the inspiring true story of an Iraqi librarian's courageous fight to save books from the Basra Central Library before it was destroyed in the [Second Gulf] war.

It is 2003 and Alia Muhammad Baker, the chief librarian of the Central Library in Basra, Iraq, has grown worried given the increased likelihood of war in her country.  Determined to preserve the irreplacable records of the culture and history of the land on which she lives from the destruction of war, Alia undertakes a courageous and extremely dangerous task of spiriting away 30,000 books from the library to a safe place. 

Told in dramatic graphic-novel panels by acclaimed cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty, Alia's Mission celebrates the importance of books and the freedom to read, while examining the impact of war on a country and its people.  

Praise for Alia's Mission

"...worthy and compelling. Stamaty's straightforward, slightly exaggerated graphic style carries the power of his story forward" - Kirkus Review
"The text coveys the intense emotions by [the protagonist], which move from anguish to sorrow to joy, aptly captured in the artwork" - Publisher's Weekly 

About the Author

Mark Alan Stamaty is a political cartoonist and children's book author. He lives in New York City.

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