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  • Health Stories

    Code: Health
    Health Stories provides engaging stories and multi-skill lessons to adult ESL learners to have better access to good health care for themselves and their families, understand and deal with common health problems, and develop the language skills needed to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals.

    The lessons offer a contextualized presentation and practice of basic language skills, combined with critical thinking and communicative activities, with a focus on reading, speaking and vocabulary development, and listening. There is no sequential order of the lessons, allowing for instructional flexibility. Available at 3 levels - Introductory, Low-Beginning and High-Beginning. Stories at each levels but revolve around the common theme of health and healthy living/choices.

    The series is made of 3 main components:

    Student Books: There are 14 units in each student book, and every unit starts off with a short story, followed by writing, listening and discussion activities to reinforce key terms, concepts and comprehension. An Answer Key at the back of each student book so that students can check their own activities.
    Workbook: Supplementary workbooks are available at each level, and contain vocabulary, writing and listening exercises that correlate to units in the student book for additional practice.
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  • Life Goes On

    Code: LifeGoesOn
    Life Goes On: Day-to-Day Stories and Language Activities helps ESL learners build language and reading skills. Students will live, laugh, and learn with the stories and activities in this series.
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  • That's Life

    Code: TL
    Engaging and amusing low-level stories that students love to read. Everyday life themes are consistent across levels, making these books ideal for multilevel classrooms.
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  • From Home to School

    Code: FHS
    Equip learners with the language skills they need to be actively involved in the lives of their school-age children. An excellent supplement to any family literacy, ESL, or ABE classroom.
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