Oxford Picture Dictionary for Canadian Content Areas (COX54)

Code: 9780195440058

Author: Dorothy Kauffman and Gary Apple
ISBN: 9780195440058
Item #: COX54
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2010
Category: Dictionaries, Grammar and Reference
Reading Level: Literacy





The Oxford Picture Dictionary (OPD) for the Canadian Content Areas is a theme-based picture dictionary designed for ESL and literacy students. Organized along school curriculum/content areas, it presents essential words in topics that students are studying in their core class, and helps make new concepts more accessible through the use of full-colour, contextualized illustrations.

The dictionary contains over 1600 words presented with clear, vibrant illustrations. Unit expansion pages and exercises are included throughout the book, and help develop academic skills, and reinforce content-area vocabulary and language skills. Sections are divided along the following topic areas:

General Knowledge
Canada and the World
World History
Canadian Government and People
The Human Body
Living Things
The Physical World
Earth and Space Science
Math and Technology

An accompanying reproducible activity book, corresponding with the topics in the dictionary, provides opportunities to deepen understanding of the topics through readings and activities, and for the techers/instructors to even organize classes based on the picture dictionary.

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