The Grammar Guide: An English Grammar Reference (2383)

Code: 9782761352383

Author: Alexandra Courtlee, Sophie Joannette, Anita Romano
ISBN: 9782761352383
Item #: 2383
Publisher: Pearson
Published: 2012
Category: ESL, Dictionaries, Grammar & Reference





The Grammar Guide is an easy-to-use reference for ESL students of any level. This guide provides all of the essential grammar rules for students to use as a resource on a daily basis, in class and out. Features:

Clear explanations of essential grammar rules:  Simple language, clear charts, in-depth explanations and comprehensive examples aid students to understand the grammar rules and help them with usage.
Easy-to-use layout and organization: Colour-coded units and sections, as well as examples at the beginning of each unit, make it easy to find grammar rules quickly.
Vital complement for any English course: Essential grammar rules with easy referencing provide students with extra grammar support when completing written assignments and grammar exercises, or during examinations.
Support with pronunciation and common errors: Rubrics in every unit provide extra support for students. They can correct their own errors using the Be Careful rubric to see the incorrect and correct examples. They can learn how to pronounce difficult words.

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