Find the Errors! 2 (7243)

Code: 9780825143281

Author: Nancy Lobb
ISBN: 9780825143281
Item #: 7243
Published: 2002
Publisher: Walch Education
Category: Reading, Writing & Spelling
Type: Paperback
Level: High Beginner





No matter how much teachers may talk about the importance of solid writing skills, nothing beats giving students the opportunity to make their own edits.

Find the Errors! 2 follows up on the success of the original Find the Errors! book, and contains 35 new reproducible activity worksheets containing short, humorous and high-interest anecdotes that will capture students' interests; the twist is that these worksheets are riddled with common writing errors! Now it's up to students to read the passages, identify the errors and rewrite the texts correctly. As they learn the technique of proofreading, they become adept at locating the same errors in their own writing. In this book, activities will shed light on misplaced commas, verb-tense shifts, pronoun/antecedent agreement and other grammar glitches.

Included with each activity are overviews of the texts and exercises, brief teacher notes, and suggestions for hands-on and cooperative extension activities. Pretests and post-tests for each unit allow teachers to assess student mastery of proofreading skills and determine specific areas in which students have difficulty. Answer key included.

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